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Useful Tips on How to Save Energy and Money at Home

Save Energy and Money at Home

Upgrade attic insulation. If your home was built before 1980, possibilities are it needs more insulation to meet today’s Department of Energy recommended levels for residential insulation. Insulate on your own with fiber glass insulation such as CertainTeed’s. Take counsel with your building material retailer for the amount of insulation you’ll need for your attic depending on the geographic area in which you live, or call a local insulation contractor.

Make certain that even the small areas you might not think about are insulated. Use Handi-Fill™, a multi-purpose mini-roll for chinking around windows and doors, packing around window air conditioners and electric outlets. Wrap pipes and HVAC ducts for thermal efficiency and sound proof with it around plumbing fixtures.

Clean and safely store outdoor furniture. If it is cleaned and thoughtfully stored now, it will last longer and will be quickly available in the spring.

Clean gutters and downspouts to prevent serious damage to your home which may result from poor drainage. In order to clean them, choose a dry day since you’ll have to stand on a ladder. Stand below the level of each gutter and using a towel, scoop out debris into a bag or onto the ground for sweeping up later.

Maintain garage doors. Garage doors should slide smoothly when going up or down. You should lubricate the rollers (the small wheels attached to the sides of the door) frequently with a few drops of household oil or spray a small amount of Silicone lubrication onto their spindles. Also make sure that the hinges are fastened securely to the door panels and tighten the screws if they are loose.

Organize the garage. The purpose of a well-functioning garage is to get everything you can off the floor. Walls, for instance, offer plenty of storage opportunities. Hooks and pegboards are perfect for storing things like garden tools. Using plastic bins or storage racks are also good ideas as well. Maintain storm windows and doors. Before the cold weather approaches, make minor repairs on storm doors and windows to avert major annoyances later on. To get rid of corrosion from frames and sashes rub them with fine steel wool. Then wipe with paste for better protection. Also, you can spray windows with silicone lubricant to keep sashes sliding smoothly.

Prepare your heating system to begin working again. It is suggested that you call a qualified professional heating technician for inspection and service because of the safety reasons and complexity of most home heating equipment. You can reach out to them through your oil or gas supplier. Also, consider a professional chimney sweep to check fireplaces and wood stoves.

Drain pipes to avoid freezing. When water freezes and expands inside pipes, it can cause major damage resulting expensive repairs. The definite way to prevent pipes from freezing is to drain them before the colder weather arrives. To drain pipes that supply water to outside faucets, first close off the shutoff valves on the pipes supplying them. Then, open the faucets letting any water in the pipes run out and leave them open until the water supply is turned on again in the spring. By doing all that, any water remaining in the pipes can expand without creating damaging pressure. For more information on energy saving home improvement projects, don't forget to ask the experts at Malone Lumber & Ready-Mix, Inc.

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